Our stiching is nothing less than royalty.


Affordable Luxury For All

WORLD OF ALFA offers the highest in quality custom-tailored clothing for a fraction of what you would ordinarily pay for them locally. We could name several retail establishments where you would pay $1500-3500 for a custom-tailored suit and upwards of $180 for custom-tailored shirt of equal craftsmanship and quality as ALFA's. Delivery time at such retail stores is about ten weeks and beyond.

ALFA's custom-tailored, handcrafted men's and women's clothing with virtually unlimited style choice elements, in an array of incredible fabrics, are delivered within 25 days (3-5 weeks). The fabric is the sole determining factor of your product's prices - all design element choices and options are included!!

The combination of efficient, cost effective custom handcrafting and non-traditional distribution methods, along with our avoidance of expenditures for big advertising campaigns, make it possible for ALFA to offer outstanding quality at universally affordable prices.


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