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​​Answers to your questions, and facts you might find useful to know...

What is ALFA?

ALFA is an international fashion company revolutionizing the industry, as it exists today. We offer 

highest quality custom-tailored clothing for a fraction of what you would ordinarily pay for them 

locally - Affordable Luxury For All.

Why are the garments so affordable?

The combination of efficient, cost effective custom handcrafting and non-traditional distribution 

methods, along with our avoidance of expenditures for big advertising campaigns make it possible 

for ALFA to offer outstanding quality at universally affordable prices. While most big brands also 

produce in selected regions to increase cost effectiveness, they have to mark up the prices to make 

up for store distribution costs and advertising/marketing campaigns; we pass on the savings to the 

customer. Our unique internal infrastructure is the key to the ALFA revolution.

Do I pay extra for design options?

No. All design configuration options are included in the price. There are no hidden costs. The fabric 

is the sole determining factor in the price of your product, all design element choices and options 

(collars, cuffs, button color, contrast fabrics and everything else) are included in the revolutionary 


Can I get my initials on the garment?

Monogramming is free. On shirts and blouses, you even have the option of choosing where you 

want the initials placed. Personalization is an integral part of custom-tailoring, and we supply it at 


How long is the delivery time?

The estimated delivery time for a CUSTOM-TAILORED ALFA garment is 25 business days or less 

(3-5 weeks). The average delivery time for a custom-tailored and even inferior made-to-measure

product in North American department stores is 8-10 weeks and beyond. And there you easily end 

up paying 10 times as much and more than what you pay for an ALFA product. The value ALFA 

provides is unmatched all the way around.

Can I return a garment?

Due to the fact that every product is 100% individually custom-tailored and handcrafted just for you, we 

DO NOT accept returns for any reason except production error (incorrect measuring does not qualify as 

production error). This is standard practice for custom-tailored products as there is no resale value (even 

if you select our standard sizing option, we custom-make the product according to your specifications, 

especially for you). In case of production error, please download the 'Return Product' Form in the 

'Support' section (main menu), and follow the steps outlined.

Can I cancel my order after the transaction?

We aim to keep the delivery time optimal. So once you place your order online, it is processed 

immediately and the production process is initiated instantly, so canceling the order is generally not 

possible after the transaction is completed.

Why do customers have to pay upfront?

With custom-tailored clothing it is standard practice to pay upfront, because our tailors create each 

product specifically for each customer upon order placement. There are no stocked products that 

could be sold to someone else, if the customer would change his/her mind about the purchase after 

production initiation.

What’s the difference between my measurements and the ones of the 

finished garment?

Most of the measurements are used as is and are reflected in the final product as such. For shirts, 

blouses, jackets and vests, we add room for comfort only in the chest-, shoulder- and hip 

measurements on a percentage basis, according to the fit you choose (for our "Signature Standard 

Fit" slightly larger percentages are added compared to our "Euro Slim Fit, see below). For pants, we 

also add a bit of room to the thigh measurement, according to the design style chosen. Our pattern 

calculations result in a unique garment pattern for each customer, based on our designs. Since your 

garment is handcrafted and not machine-made, slight variations in the fit of two finished products, 

produced with the same body measurements may occur, but are generally not noticeable.

I am not 100% happy with the fit - what can I do?

Generally, most desired fit adjustments can be undertaken by your local alterations tailor. Please re-

check your measurements according to our measurement video and/or Measurement Guide and 

adjust your measurement profile if necessary, for any subsequent order. With our transparent and 

simple measuring system, we aim to empower our customers to manage their measurements in 

order to find and keep their individually perfect fit, even if they gain or lose weight. If you think a 

production error occurred, please download the Product Return Request Form in the Support

section and follow the steps outlined.

What types of fabrics are used?

We use fabrics from controlled external woven fabric suppliers. For detailed fabric descriptions and 

high-resolution fabric images, please refer to the fabrics section on each of our interactive 3D 

product design pages. The high quality of our fabrics is common for products in far higher price 


Does ALFA offer "easy care" shirt fabrics?

We don't offer 'easy ironing' fabrics, because the finishing process for these fabrics generally 

incorporates the use of chemicals to a degree not acceptable to us. We prefer more natural finishing 

according to Universal Eco Standards. Most of our shirt/blouse fabrics are however classified as 

'easy ironing', are wrinkle resistant and generally very easily manageable.

Are there any care instructions for the garments?

Yes. We recommend you dry-clean all of our garments. You can also wash shirts and blouses cold 

in permanent press mode, iron as needed and even machine wash if desired (preferably on low heat).

Will shirts and blouses shrink?

Even though our shirting fabrics are pre-shrunk, all cottons and most other fabrics may shrink a bit 

after the pre-shrinking process. However, we recommend that you DO NOT adjust your 

measurements, because shrinkage is minimal and we do incorporate it into our pattern calculations.

How do I measure myself?

Simply follow our simple measurement instructions in the 'Measurements' section on each of our 

interactive 3D product design pages. You will require assistance from a friend or family member. 

Do not attempt to measure yourself alone.

Do I have to measure myself to order?

No. If you simply do not have the time or patience, you can opt for our standard sizing feature. 

Choose the size you are most comfortable with (according to your familiar neck and chest sizes for 

shirts/blouses), and your garment will still be fully custom-tailored just for you and according to 

your specifically configured design.

What kind of measuring tape can I use?

You can use any standard measuring tape. You have the choice to input your measurements in cm 

or inches.

Will my measurements be saved?

Yes. Your measurements will be saved in your account. So whenever you order again, you will not

have to enter your measurements again. However, we do recommend that you adjust your 

measurements, in cases of recent weight gain/weight loss accordingly (re-measuring may be 


Where can I have my garment shipped?

You can have your garment shipped anywhere you like, worldwide.

Why do I pay shipping for each product separately?

In order to minimize delivery time, ALFA garments are shipped one by one worldwide, 

immediately upon production completion. Products are sent directly from our production facilities 

to the customer's door without separate warehousing and/or re-shipping to minimize carbon 

footprint. Every garment receives highly specified individual attention, from order configuration, 

to quality control and eventual single shipping. We do not aim to earn a profit on shipping. We 

advance only the cost to the customer.

Can I have my product tracked?

Yes. To track an order, just contact us at [email protected] and refer to the order number 

associated with the product.

Where does ALFA Manufacture garments?

Most ALFA products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities in Thailand or 

in one of our production partners in other parts of the world. Said partners, as well as suppliers, are 

subject to the same strict international norms and guidelines regarding work environment, human 

rights and conservation to which our own facilities must adhere.

I cannot enter one of my measurements because it seems too large or 


We provide ranges for each separate measurement, based on decades of experience and 

measurement data, in order to help guide our customers and alert them to possible measurement 

mistakes. If a measurement is outside of the suggested range, please re-check the measurement to 

confirm, then simply enter the closest possible value and complete your ordering process. After 

order placement, simply send us an email to [email protected], reference your order 

number and provide your actual measurement. We will incorporate your correct measurement into 

our pattern calculations and tailor your product accordingly.

Please note, that we do instruct our customers to take certain measurements differently from some 

traditional tailors. This may be the cause of some confusion. The measurements that differ the most 

are the following:

- Shirt/Blouse Sleeve Length:
Most other brands use standard sizes measured from mid neck, we ask our customers to measure from the shoulder seam (which results in a smaller value).

- Pants Length:
Most other brands use standard inseam sizes measured from the crotch down to the bottom, we ask for the outseam measurement, taken from the top of the waistband along the outer seam of the pants to the bottom, at the desired length (which results in a larger value).

Do you offer special orders?

Within our interactive 3D product design interface, you have a vast array of design elements and 

virtually limitless creative freedom when designing your product. If you have specific wishes or 

suggestions beyond what is available online, feel free to communicate them to us via 

[email protected] We will do our best to accommodate your wishes and generally 

welcome and appreciate your feedback.

What is the New Customer Fee?

The new customer fee is the charge for account set up and for the initial creation of a tailoring 

pattern for new customers (other custom-tailors charge up to $400 for this service alone). After 

your account is set up, you can adjust your pattern an unlimited number of times.

By paying the New Customer Fee, do I enter any commitments?

No. You pay the new customer fee one time only and are able to order as many or as few products 

as you wish (new customer fee may not apply during special sales periods). 

Is there a customer service telephone number?

In order to be able to offer our products at revolutionary prices on a continuous basis, our cost 

structure must remain a priority. For that reason we do not offer support via telephone. All 

questions and concerns can be voiced via email at [email protected], and will be addressed 

in a timely fashion..

Why is there an online transaction charge on my invoice?

We advance averaged online transaction fees, charged by our online payment merchant directly to 

the customer, much like we advance shipping costs, without aiming to make a profit.

Why is there no sales or VAT tax?

Our products are manufactured in countries where these taxes do not apply. Thus, we do not add 

taxes to your invoice and it is not added to the purchase price.

Will I have to pay a customs fee?

Generally, since our product prices are below most regional personal exemption law values 

(products purchased for personal use below a specific amount per order, per day; in the USA $200), 

no customs charges apply, unless you order enough products on the same day for the invoice price 

to exceed said exemption law value. However, customs officers have subjective decision-making 

power, so it is conceivable that they charge a fee by mistake. In those cases, the logistics company 

will usually collect the customs fee at your door, but in rare cases you would have to pay the fee at 

the customs- or post office. Please refer to the following customs code (for US customers), if you 

choose to dispute those charges:

Code of Federal Regulations - TITLE 19 - CUSTOMS DUTIES - UNITED STATES CUSTOMS 


CHAPTER I - PART 145 - Subpart D - Sec. 145.31 (MAIL IMPORTATIONS - Special Classes of 

Merchandise - Importations not over $200 in value)

[T.D. 94-51, 59 FR 30296, June 13, 1994]

U.S. CUSTOMS - "The port director shall pass free of duty and tax, without preparing an 

entry as provided for in Sec. 145.12, packages containing merchandise having an aggregate 

fair retail value in the country of shipment of not over $200, subject to the requirements 

set forth in Secs. 10.151 and 10.153 of this chapter."